Click here to see Pops' feature on ABC Boston's venerable arts and leisure show,  "Chronical" (WCVB-5, 2018)

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Arts and Civil Rights  @ NRM

Click here to see Pops' acclaimed speech on the ways the arts have helped to advance Civil Rights in America, from pre-Civil war days to the present. Presented here at the Norman Rockwell Museum, 2016.

@ The Norman Rockwell Museum


Click here to view Pop's debut lecture at The Norman Rockwell Museum, the evening of his sold out exhibition and speech of his acclaimed collection,  "REINVENTING ROCKWELL."



Click here to view Pop's collection as presented in the international art show movement, "Slickluck." This four-minute video offers a comprehensive overview of Pop's progression as a painter for the digital age, including several works from "Reinventing Rockwell." 

Solutions Rising


Click here to view Pop's appearance on "Solutions Rising," a local television series shown in New England with host Rachel Branch. Also featuring Chairwoman of the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, Jamie Williamson, and owner/curator of Sohn Fine Art, Cassandra Sohn.

Profiles: Creators at Work


Click here to view the delightful short documentary on Pops Peterson and his husband, Mark Johnson, shown for the month of July 2014 on CTSB-TV in Massachusetts. Video by Judy Seaman.

New Frontiers Artist's Statement


Here is the Artists Statement for Pops' first solo exhibition, 
NEW FRONITIERS IN POP ART, presented at Lauren Clark Fine Art, 2014. 

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